We Bought A House!!!

Run-down farmhouseA couple of months ago, my girlfriend and I decided to move in together. Her building was being sold, and we decided we will be getting married soon. (Um… Spoiler alert?)

At first we looked for rentals only to find we were chasing houses that rented for twice my rather comfortable two-bedroom apartment just to have them rented before we could put in a bid. Then I thought about it. Why pay rent when a mortgage would be a third less?

So we looked for houses. And we found a place in Deer Park, where I lived for about eight years. It was a fixer-upper. A real fixer upper. Requiring a big construction loan. These are not a real estate agent’s favorite loan. They have to wait on general contractors, and this place needs a general contractor.

But my life’s been getting a reboot these past two years, and this has been the capper. I owned a home already, but it’s been leased out and, frankly, is out at the edge of town. Honestly, I’d like to sell it. It’s finally investment property, and frankly, it’s a pain to mind when you don’t even live there. I’m trying to talk my tenant into buying it.

This house is old, a Cape Cod from 1922. It’s got a lot of low ceilings, but a lot of character. My lady is excited that it has a fireplace, if only a non-functional one. She loves Christmas. It has a pool. It has a deck. The deck’s the most important part for me. The condo has a deck. I miss that deck.

Soon, though, yard work will re-enter my life. We’ll be painting. We’ll be landscaping. We’ll be sipping drinks on our back deck.

Can’t wait.

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