No Marigolds Update – In Which Yoda Tries

surface of mars

Got up to Episode 18 this weekend. I’ve pretty much abandoned the beta group. (Sorry,betas.) Instead, I’m writing straight through. So hopefully, I don’t get a rude surprise where I went off the rails and forgot I wrote something I later contradict.

But I got to the point where John Farno and his virtual companions crack sending a message home. How does he do that when he’s 40 light years from the nearest human? You get a lesson in Compact Universe technology. Keep in mind that Farno, and any reader who is starting with this story, is completely unaware of the events of Warped.So… No Challenger showing up under the noses of the Gelt. Also, no Gelt.

Then I stopped and started writing in a rock star bio you will never read. Why? Because I’ve got two choices. I can continue to do this from Farno’s point of view, him never knowing what’s going on beyond his lonely outpost. Or I can switch to the receiving end of his message as they try to figure out if it’s a message. My problem is this may be too much like The Martian. It’s a good problem to have, but one that’s tricky to crack. What’s the right way to go?

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