No Marigolds Update – In Which Queen Dani Journeys To The Great Barrier And Discovers The Last Jedi Hoarding The Fifth Element In The Undiscovered Country

surface of marsCommitment issues. I’ve got ’em.

No Marigolds in the Promised LandThe story is transitioning now that John Farno has cracked long-term survival. His next challenge is phoning home. He’s got an AI that interacts with him as closely to human as possible. So he needs now to figure out how to get off the planet.

Two things are holding me up and keeping me from writing more than I usually do. One is that I need to make sure this lines up with the events in the earlier Compact Universe novellas and The Children of Amargosa. Farno lists the worlds he’s going to try to contact, but I need the first one, Gilead, to be offline, which happens about a month before Children ends. I’ll need Amargosa to be offline. And I need to toss in a complication.

The other thing is the transition of the story. It’s one of those thorny points all writers complain about, especially in the middle. I’m faced with having to go back and do some surgery on the last couple of chapters I wrote.

So I took a break. I’m writing in a story not meant to be read but more for my own entertainment. Sometimes, you have to do that, but it’s strange doing it in the middle of a novella. Longer works, not so much.

However, I just sent out Episode 5 this past weekend and post 4 to the blog yesterday. I have a nice cushion before I need to get ahead of the story again.

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