No Marigolds Update – In Which The Jupiter 2 Combs The Desert Only For Clara Oswald To Declare She Ain’t Found… Poodoo!

surface of mars

I did three more episodes last week. And you know what? It was everything I hoped it would be.

No Marigolds in the Promised LandI’m putting John Farno into a comfy situation. He’s found a nearly habitable spot on the recently renamed Barsoom, now called Farno. Oh, and he’s king. Being the last living being on the planet, he used his new authority to effect a name change.

I’m also finally skipping ahead, having him recount how he made his habitat habitable with the aid of a sarcastic AI interface, a female who, much to his chagrin, did not come programmed with a broad variety of pleasuring techniques. This is the mushy middle of a story, where he overcomes challenges, builds himself a new normal, and sort of gets used to his isolation. Sort of.

I figure I have two or three more episodes after this, and then I’ll have to start screwing him again. I also need to accelerate the timeframe so it catches up with the novellas. After all, it wouldn’t do for everyone in Broken SkiesWarped, and Tishla to go “What happened to Barsoom?” then have human ships show up and rescue him. In fact, he is about up to the events of The Magic Root and The Marilynists, though he’s completely unaware of it. And he can’t really die or get off the planet until after Amargosa: Second Wave, most of which takes place three months after Broken Skies. His first human contact cannot come until I really screw my meddling kids over on Amargosa. Even then, most of the characters are blissfully unaware that Mars lost two colonies, not just one.

I want to do this in one shot now instead of a little here and a little there. I lose the story if I let it go too long, and I have a major rewrite of Quantonesia to do after this. It’ll essentially be writing a new book.

So look for Episode 4 here in two weeks.

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