Dear CBS…

Star Trek: Discovery


OK, really?

You’ve delayed Star Trek: Discovery again? The creator is gone. Nicholas Meyer, the man responsible for the original series’ best movies, is gone. You seem to have a cast and an unfinished design for a starship.

And yet you delay again.

Is it because the show is too “Star Trek“? If so, may I humbly ask why the hell you’re even doing this? Here’s the problem. You’re using this to lure people to your paid streaming service. Already, there is weeping and gnashing of teeth that we have to pay for “yet another streaming subscription.” Most of us who have cut the cable watch Netflix. And Hulu. And Amazon. Amazon runs The Expanse, a Syfy series. You know. That network owned by NBCUniversal? Which doesn’t have a streaming service? They’re making money off of Amazon. And Netflix. But you want an extra $7 a month for us to watch Star Trek. After your sister company’s slate of movies alienated many fans of the franchise’s original run.

Give it up, CBS. You blew it. Sell the franchise to Disney and let them do what they do best. We flock to them even when Star Wars and Marvel falls flat. Why? Because even when they don’t get it, they get it. Frankly, I wouldn’t mind if they let Lucas take a whack at it. Watching Picard step on Jabba’s tail has got to be better than the spate of bad news you’ve pumped out about Star Trek in the last two years.

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