No Marigolds Update – In Which Kylo Ren Takes The Red Pill And Realizes Chewbacca Is A Cylon

surface of mars

No Marigolds in the Promised LandI got up to Episode 7 this past weekend, intending to stop and go on to the short story I had planned to write. Only I realized the tank is empty. My goal this year is to write and sell 10 shorts. I’m now realizing my short story days may be behind me.

Farno is getting loopy in this one. If you read the episode now posted, you’ll see he makes mention of the Yedevans, who are rumored to eat humans. It’s a silly legend, of course (or is it? Did I just insert a race of xenomorphs into this universe?) This most recent episode drafted finds him contemplating the Yedevans, their dietary habits, and the Grays. In a bit of, let’s be honest, delirious exposition, he outlines for future generations how the Grays really aren’t that bright, why they’re the reason human ships carry primitive rectal exam equipment, and how the Yedevans use them as scouts. Getting bored our boy is.

But also, I’ve put him on the thorny issue of phoning home. He gets the planet’s sole hyperdrone working only to discover the drone needs a hypergate.

Well, that sucks.

But as he moves along Barsoom’s (or is it Farno? Our loopy boy has developed some delusions of grandeur in his solitude.), I’m also starting to skip ahead. He’s already spent a couple of nights in a pit stop. Now he’s getting hard core about surviving, doing things to his rover that weren’t meant to be done.

My debate now is whether to abandon the shorts and finish this or to keep going with staggered episodes. Not sure. It needs to be coherent, and revisions are already revealing continuity errors, like calling the sun “Mainzer 2” instead of “2 Mainzer.” I may be serializing this every two weeks, but I may need to finish this faster.

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