No Marigolds Update – In Which The Doctor Regenerates Into Seth Rogen

surface of mars

No Marigolds in the Promised LandYeah, I know. I posted Episode I here yesterday. There’s your progress report.

Actually, I’m up to Episode 6. John Farno has now confessed his days alternate between long, boring days in the desert and investigating “glass pancakes.” So I’ve changed it up a little. As we go along, count the fusion blasts vs. other types of catastrophic explosions. Then add that to the number in The Magic Root and The Children of Amargosa. Then go reread the Marilynists. Ah, ha! A piece of the overall story arc! Da da dah!

But I’m starting to skip ahead a few days so I’m now focusing on things changing for the intrepid Mr. Farno. After all, endless roaming a frozen desert and finding ruins is pretty boring. It also will be more interesting to see him figure out a way to live outside the rover, communicate with humanity, maybe even get off the planet.

And in revising Tishla, I’ve had the title character confront one of the Laral family about Barsoom, which originally was the great forgotten incident in this series. And now we learn it’s a rip-off of The Martian! There’s nothing Andy Weir can do about it! Mwahahahaha! Wait. What’s this?


It’s a cease-and-desist order from Andy Weir and Ridley Scott. Yeah, we need to move on to the more post-apocalyptic stuff. Sorry, Andy. I’ll get on with it. As for Ridley, screw you. I’m still bitter about Prometheus.

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