Breaking Up Before Amargosa

The Magic RootBuy NowI have a dilemma. I have two stories, both rather short, that precede The Children of Amargosa. I tried selling them as The First One’s Free, but that didn’t really work. In fact, the stories were combined on what seemed like good advice at the time. Readers thought it was confusing, that the stories never really met up. So [Cue Tim Allen voice] I rewired it. Ah ha ha ha ha.

I split up the stories, tacked on Gimme Shelter as a third entry to give the book some heft and called it Before Amargosa. Which confused readers and killed sales of Gimme Shelter. Well, crap. That backfired.

So now I’m breaking up the whole shebang. The story in which “Marq” brings the potato to Kai and Tishla and set them off into a journey of sorrow and woe (and hot tongue-to-navel sex to make it worth their trouble) bounces from Kai’s point of view to Tishla’s to Laral Jorl’s. Add to that the story of Douglas Best’s misadventures with the cult to Marilyn Monroe, and things get a little meandering, even if you split them into separate parts of the same volume.

Buy NowThe MarilynistsSo I’m splitting them up. They’ll be ebook only. Too short to print. But The Magic Root and The Marilynists will both stand alone like I originally intended. (And professionally edited. I got that part right in the beginning. Thanks, Stacy!)

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