MIND: The Message by Jenn Nixon

MIND 4 coverJenn Nixon is channeling the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She has created a group of aliens and hybrids who slowly realize that they don’t come from a very nice place. Their mission: Defend Earth from not only those who may be coming to do Earth harm and those on Earth not exactly using their abilities for the most noble purposes. Like Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, they don’t wear costumes and seem about as obsessed with breakfast as they are with the next threat. And they’re always looking for the next threat.

Jenn Nixon has a different take on the Agents of SHIELD concept with her MIND series, about a group of aliens and alien hybrids living on Earth and trying to protect the world from where they came from. In her latest outing, PI Casey Wu learns, after her mother is attacked, that she is one of them. And in the process of looking for Theo Struck, leader of MIND, she forces him to face up to his past and deal with losses he blames himself for. Great to get some backstory on the rest of the series.

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