The Long Awaited Running Post

Runner on ground with trainer

Bishop Loughlin Games – Armory – Track & Field CC Y 2.0 2013

I haven’t posted here in a while about running. That’s because I stopped in October when my knee buckled painfully several times in one week. It occurred to me that maybe I overtrained not just for last year’s Autumn Blast (formerly Loveland) Half Marathon, but probably the Flying Pig as well. Until I injured a rib, I had been training for a full marathon. One knee developed a chronic but manageable problem. It may need surgery someday, but it survived two 20+ mile workouts. It’s the other knee, and it’s a problem standing sometimes.

Not only do I use a standup desk at work, but we have a meeting called a scrum, where software developers talk about what they are working on and what they need for the day. During standup and sometimes when my desk is elevated, my right knee gets rather shaky. Not sure which knee needs looked at first, but sooner or later, both of them will require some sort of medical intervention.

But not right now. What kept me from resuming running last fall was property damage at a house I own east of the city. It took nearly a month to clean that house. (Yeah, you say “Ew!” I had to actually do the cleaning, call the exterminator, shovel about $10K out of my retirement to pay for a rehab job.) Once I had carpenters and carpet guys start work, I was able to run again. Right?

I walked. But it’s so cold and dark! Actually, that’s a BS excuse. We’ve had exactly one snow event and one stretch of days with single-digit weather. All in all, winter in Cincinnati lasted about 10 days. As I type this (about an hour ago), it’s 54 degrees outside with a high of 69 predicted. Last week was Valentine’s Day. I have not worn a jacket to work all week. I will cop to letting the holidays get the better of me. I did not workout over Thanksgiving, partly because I traveled. But Christmas? Christmas was a hermit affair this year. I binged watched movies on streaming before taking the step-offspring to see Rogue One. I drank nog. I slept in. I did not get off my ass other than to go out for almost three days. December 26 was spent watching Season 4 of The Wire. Why do you think I didn’t get any running or even walking in?

But January came, and that forced me to think about whether I would run another half marathon this year. I decided I would skip the Flying Pig (despite living next to a hill perfect for training for the brutal Gilbert Avenue leg) and go for the Autumn Slam again. Or is it the Loveland Half Marathon? The web site’s sketchy about 2017. To do that, I’ve had to power walk. I do that indoors when it rains. (Don’t judge me!) and outdoors when I can. For all of January and most of February, walking and power walking has been my workout. I just started running again last week. I have to brace both knees now, but at least I’m getting a couple of miles in each week. March will prove crucial. I will need to start running two miles three times a week. And I’m going to have to tackle that hill as something more than a pleasant evening walk.

Either I will run a half marathon again this year, or my running days are over.

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