Changes To The Compact Universe

The Compact UniverseWith Tishla and Amargosa: Second Wave delayed, I’ve started to think about how to better market the series. Oh, I already plan to attend two or three cons this year and do Facebook ads. But the series itself is structured wrong. A small press owner pointed this out to me.

For starters, the old The First One’s Free is apparently still available as a paperback. Unfortunately, that one has “The Magic Root” and “The Marylinists” bound up into one story. So already, there are two Compact Universe #1 offerings.

And then, with The Amargosa Trilogy being sold as a separate series – they are part of The Compact Universe, but not all Compact Universe books are part of The Amargosa Trilogy – we have an anthology called Before Amargosa. Wait. It’s called “Amargosa” but it’s not part of The Amargosa Trilogy? WTF? And it has Gimme Shelter in it? But isn’t that Compact Universe #2? And where’s #3?

So Before Amargosa is going away. But not “The Magic Root” or “The Marilynists.” I am going to go with my original plan and release them as separate books. They’ll be ebook-only books, but it will make more sense for there to be a Compact Universe #1 and #2.

Also, there will be a Compact Universe #0. I don’t know if Amazon, Smashwords, or Draft2Digital will allow that, but it’s happening anyway. No Marigolds in the Promised Land will be released here (or on its successor site) and via the newsletter. Eventually, it will be released as a full-blown book, but for now, it will be a serial.

And the site? This site has worked for two years, but it’s time to make it more useful for potential readers. It’s time to go being using a canned theme and make this about the books instead of the blog. It needs to put this series front and center.

Will the blog continue? I don’t know yet. I do know it will have to change. Everything does.

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