Amargosa 2: It Is Finished

Triumphant first draft; hoarder editSaturday, at 1:39 PM. 81,226 words. I typed the last line of Amargosa: Second Wave. It is done.

It took longer than I expected to write this one. Probably because I found myself limited to 500 words at a time. I tried to resume dictation early on, but that ended up not working so well. I think we can say that my flirtation with Dragon is over. Maybe. We’ll see.

So what now?

  • Put the novel in the cyberdrawer and ignore it for a few weeks. Eventually, it will have to be packed off to Stacy Robinson to be made publishable. But it’s good to take time away from a first draft. After all, one needs to get away from thinking a new novel as “my baby.”
  • Outline Storming Amargosa. This will be tricky. How much will be revealed in the novellas? How much needs to be held back? And how do I avoid assuming a reader knows what came before at the beginning?
  • Revise Tishla. This will require some work. I had hoped to release this at the end of this month, but that’s not going to happen. It needs some front-end work to make this flow better.
  • Short stories: A Compact Universe short, an Amargosa short, and two crime shorts.
  • No Marigolds in the Promised Land. Time we find out what’s happening on the missing colony of Barsoom. That Mark Watney was a wimp. Help for him was only 40 million miles away. Barsoom’s sole survivor may have to invent the ansible to get rescued.

But the novel’s done. The hard work of discovering the story is over. Now I have to whip it into shape. But not yet. Right now, I’m taking a well-deserved break.

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