Almost There…!

X Wing pilot from Star Wars


“It’s really happenin’ to ya!”

That’s what some creepy old guy says to Kate Bush in her short film The Red Shoes. Only it really is happenin’ to me. The outline to Amargosa: Second Wave has thirty planned chapters. Despite a few short detours, a couple of saggy moments, and some hidden WTF moments arising that can be addressed in the rewrite, the outline has held up probably better than any outline I’ve ever done for a novel. On Saturday, I finished Chapter 28 and copied it into the master manuscript. On Sunday morning, I opened a new file, 29.docx, and wrote two scenes. If I don’t dawdle in the morning, I can have Chapter 29 done by Friday, start Chapter 30 that morning, and finish it over the weekend!

Except I have a dinner date coming over on Saturday night. And there’s this football game I’m curious about on Sunday. Something about really cool commercials and this singer named… um… Is it Kylie Minogue? No, that’s not it. Hey, maybe they’ll get The Who to play the halftime show again!

Seriously, though, even if 30 is not done this weekend, it will be by next Wednesday. And then?

Hedley Lamarr gets freaky with a statue

20th Century Fox

Well, there’s another rocker bio I’m writing just to keep original words flowing. You’ll never read it. There’s another story I’m writing solely for an audience of one: Me. Then I need to bang out five short stories – two crime, three science fiction. Then it’s onto the second of the three novellas to follow Amargosa: Second Wave, currently titled Among Wolves. While I work on all that, I have to revise, possibly rewrite, Tishla, outline Storming Amargosa, and do a final cleanup edit on Holland Bay. And this last will be followed by outlining the next book in that series. (You thought Jim Winter was done putting out original stuff. Ha!)

But the end is so close. It’s so close I can taste it.

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