Amargosa 2: STILL Almost Done

Billy Crystal typing in Throw Mamma from the Train

Orion Pictures

I really thought I would be typing “The End” this past weekend. I really did. But Monday and Tuesday proved to be short writing days as I overslept. Some would say, “Where are you priorities? You should be writing!” Duke Energy, Citigroup, and Volkswagen Credit would probably disagree, especially if I find myself without a job for not showing up. But then Sunday morning, as I finished Chapter 27, I looked at my outline.

Crap. Three more chapters to go. And while sticking to the outline has gotten a little bumpy the past week or so, I really need to stick to it now if this story is going to be told properly. It is here that I have to setup Amargosa 3 (Spoiler alert: The title is Storming Amargosa.) And I don’t want to rush it. So I will be doing Chapter 28 this week, finishing on Friday with any luck. Then Saturday and Sunday are binge-writing days.

Assuming my attention is not drawn elsewhere. Life has a funny habit of doing that.

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