Act III: Get Out The Popcorn!

Millennium Falcon going to hyperspace


It’s the part of writing a novel every writer longs for: The final act. Forget The Hero’s Journey or Save the Cat or any of those other movie-writing guides that spell out how to plot a story. Let’s be honest here. Even Shakespeare, who wrote in the five-act format, wrote in three acts: Act I – setup the characters and situation. Act II – that big long part where everything goes into a tailspin. Act III – When worlds, those of the protagonist(s) and antagonist(s) collide. And ladies and gentlemen, I am into Act III.

So far, Amargosa: Second Wave has had two main point-of-view characters, with a third added midway to break up the main storyline. Now, all three POV characters have had a revelation of sorts. One is trapped among the aliens and realizes her captor is not only not the evil witch previously thought, but she herself is a victim of the overlord’s oppression. One is starting to realize he not only is growing up, but he now has responsibilities beyond himself and his immediate group. He may even be (Cue lame trumpet music) The Chosen One! Fear not, I don’t mess with lame prophecies or mitichlorians or virgin births. In fact, I think this character has long since forgotten what a virgin is. And our alien among humans? Turns out one captor may be the key to this strange visitor from another planet bringing down the whole works, which would not bother the humans one bit if it happened.

But one change I like very much: Even on work mornings, I’m checking in at 1000 words. 1500 on Saturday, and 1300 on Sunday (when I’m writing this.) The New Year holiday, with an extra day off, helped, but being able to write for what really should be a light day if I wrote evenings instead of mornings on days when that shouldn’t be possible? Awesome! There is a very real possibility my next update will be announcing that it’s finished.

And then?

Drunkeness! Debauchery! Binge-watching Game of Thrones!

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