I Don’t Do Resolutions – Writing Edition

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I say this at the beginning of every year. The end of 2016 was no different. I don’t do resolutions. I do goals. The same is true of writing. I set goals.

So whattup with that?

Amargosa: Second Wave – As of this writing (actually a week ago today), I’m about two thirds through the projected story. Assuming all goes well, this will be out in May.

Novellas: I don’t want to write just three more novellas (actually, one’s in the can) to fill the gap between Amargosa: Second Wave and Amargosa 3. I also want to ramp up interest in Holland Bay. To do that, I’ve reformatted and will slowly rerelease the Nick Kepler novels, along with Road Rules, and an old collection along with two new ones. But I also want to write novellas to go with Holland Bay. Speaking of Amargosa 3

Amargosa 3: Before Stacy Robinson gets a gander at Amargosa: Second Wave, the final book of the Amargosa Trilogy needs to be outlined and ready to go later this year. I want to hit the ground running in the fall. And this time, I want to do marathon sessions of writing, something I haven’t done in a long time.

Holland Bay 2: You’re finally going to see the last Jim Winter novel I wrote, Holland Bay, in December. I describe it as 87th Precinct meets The Wire. Before that happens, I need to have the follow-up written. And like its predecessors, 87th Precinct and The Wire, its gritty, naturalistic setting dictates the news of the day drive the storyline.

Short stories – I haven’t done short stories in a while. For science fiction, it’s my best chance of getting paid and building an audience. For crime, I’m likely to be writing a few freebies since the crime market is essentially dead as far as paying zines go. But crime has its own audience, and I need to rebuild the Jim Winter brand. That means I’m essentially playing on a street corner for quarters.

“No Marigolds in the Promised Land” – Before Amargosa needs a replacement story so Gimme Shelter can stand alone. Fortunately, I hit on the idea that I haven’t said anything about Barsoom, the forgotten colony from “The First One’s Free.” So what if someone survived that invasion. Or was it just a bombardment? And how, when someone light years from civilization has no faster-than-light means of communications, get his story back to the Compact? Let’s just say he’ll have to science the hell out of this.

Are my eyes bigger than what my fingers can type? They usually are. But I said last week that 2017 is the Year of Refocus. Writing is a big part of that.

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