I Don’t Do Resolutions

new-year_resolutions_listI stopped doing resolutions years ago. They always fail. I’ve read some science behind what causes that. The resolutions are usually lists of vague or overly ambitious goals for the year. Lose weight. Quit smoking. Never really a target.

Last year, I labeled 2016 as three years (none of which included a lot of famous deaths no one wanted): The Year of Solitude, Year of Initialization, the Year of Fitness.

Meh. Two out of three ain’t bad. I’ve gotten very comfortable with my own company, but I’ve also come out of my hermitage. I’ve joined some local groups. My stepson and I make it a point to hang out at least once a week. I dated once and dipped a toe into a long-distance relationship. This last made me regret the distance making life difficult for both of us. But at least she makes me smile. So solitude has become socializing in real space and online. I would say this is the most successful of the three.

Initialization: I’ve written four novellas and am working on a novel this year. As for web design…  Well… Some property issues distracted me and took up a lot of my time. This actually was a crisis, and in 2017, I will still be cleaning up the mess. So one business I thought was on autopilot became a nightmare that resolved itself nicely. I have a new tenant whom I knew from years ago, and the property I own but don’t live in has received some much overdue love. I and the new occupant are both very pleased. So I may not have made the progress I wanted as a working writer (no time to market) or a web designer, but this property fiasco has made me focus on business. So it’s been successful, just not the way I expected.

The Year of Fitness: Yeah. Right. This was going really well from late last year until about April, when an injury ended my attempt to run Cincinnati’s Flying Pig Marathon. Property and a knee injury took me out of the Autumn Slam Half Marathon (formerly the Loveland Half Marathon.) I’ve regained a lot of weight I lost. So this one’s a wash. And some health issues are making themselves felt. I’m working on getting back into the groove now, going slowly, not being so ambitious. I’m not 30 anymore, so declaring I’m going to run a marathon in six months is really stupid.

So what’s that mean for 2017?

This is the Year I Take Back My Health: Oh, I’m okay right now. I haven’t been in the hospital for anything, and I’m trying to avoid taking some heavy duty medication. I do have a weight loss goal in mind, but it will require some careful thought. As for right now, a lot of power walking and the off-postponed ride from Springfield, Ohio (north of Dayton) to the Ohio River is happening in the spring. Will I run another half? We’ll see. The knees will decide all.

It’s also the Year of Refocus: I not only have to turn writing into a viable business, but I need to knuckle down on building a web design business. This means getting the portfolio sites up, bartering jobs for things I need as a writer, and coming up with a business model. Complicating that is a volunteer technology group I started. Several of us are going to teach kids basic technology skills on the Raspberry Pi, a device I have right now. The Pi is a throwback to the old Apple I days when you had a circuit board and could make individual parts perform tasks. I have to get out of my comfort zone as a .Net programmer and a dabbler in WordPress. So far, it’s been fun.

And it’s the Year of Taking Chances: And it’s already begun. The aforementioned long-distance lady piqued my interest with her motto: “I’m in!” That was my signal to take chances and to do things new and different. I’ve been a lot more risk averse in the past, but I am not getting any younger. Hey, I love binge-watching as much as the next guy (I just watched The Wire‘s entire fourth season over the Christmas holiday), but I’m not going to lie on my deathbed saying I wished I watched one more lame documentary on Netflix or spent more time on Facebook. 2016, for me personally, showed me what I was made of. (Tuning into social media or the news didn’t thrill me much.) Now I need to push myself to my limits. What’s that involve?

Oh, that’d be telling. But it’ll be fun even when I fall flat on my face.

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