Amargosa 2: Turning The Corner

Chimp at a typewriterThe weekend did not turn out exactly as I planned. Property issues on Saturday, Christmas plans on Sunday, Binge watching on Monday. Yeah. Priorities.

But I’m up into the twenty-third chapter. Don’t know how long this is going to go, however. My one character among the aliens is proving a challenge. I can’t drop the storyline since I need to keep that person in the story. Taking one to two days to do a scene makes it seem like it’s going slower than it is.

The ground-based scenes are going well, but I can tell I’m going to have to go back and flesh out the team. There are sixteen, four of whom are the war criminals, two who are meddling kids, and of course, Suicide. So far, only the war criminals, Suicide, and the meddling kids, including the three who crash the party, stand out. That’s what second drafts are for.

We’re getting near the climax, however. Stuff will explode. Shots will be fired. PeopleĀ die! Tarkin will be CGI’d in… Oh, wait. It’s a book. And wrong franchise.

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