2017 In The Compact Universe

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Warped – FTL drive is finally real, but so is interstellar war. Two nerds, Hideki Okada and Peter Lancaster grapple with how to use this new technology when the Compact Navy wants to use it to deliver mass destruction on an alien civilization.

Under the intruding eye of Cybercommand, under pressure from a paranoid high command, and with help from two renegade admirals, Okada and Lancaster have to figure out how to take the fight to the enemy without causing a holocaust. And without Lancaster’s sarcasm earning them both a court-martial.

Tishla - initial coverFEBRUARY:

Tishla – The heroine of “The First One’s Free” returns as she tries to knit together a world of humans and Gelt. Abandoned by the Realm with no chance of the Compact returning, she offers the surviving humans a choice: Accept her leadership or take her life. When someone tries to kill her children instead, she realizes no one is safe until she goes after the one who wants her unborn twins dead: The warlord who stole a world called…



Amargosa: Second Wave – See tomorrow’s update. I’ve already scheduled editing with the talented Stacy Robinson and may actually farm out a cover for the first time. (Barter, you save more indie writers’ skins…) JT and Davra trek back across the plains hoping to find a downed starship, the fallen Ban Ki-moon last seen in Broken Skies. Shadowed by Kray’s insurgents, menaced by Gelt troops, they find they have yet another enemy among their ranks: Four former war criminals from the infamous Polygamy Wars.


Quantonesia – Douglas Best returns after the events of “The Marilynists.” Best is now the junior delegate for Jefivah in the Compact’s capital. But someone is afraid he will pick up the investigation into Juno where Admiral Austin left off in Broken Skies. Meanwhile, Best has to content with Earth’s new junior delegate, Juno’s former sales rep, Marcus Leitman, who is not what he appears to be.


Running With Wolves – A human girl is carried off by a pack of werewolf-like lycanths and discovers that humans weren’t the only intelligent life on Amargosa before the invasion.

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