Act III: With All The Explodey Bits

I finished a chapter in two days, and frankly, it was the first time I felt the Act II blues. I know Stacy Robinson is probably going to call me out on skimping on this one. But the scenes had a bunch of thinkie bits. The word count is shorter, but while writing them, it seems like a slog. This was what I worried about going into the big mushy middle every novel has.

The outline is still holding up, but now I have to make one character’s captivity believable. The one Gelt character we’ve seen so far is sympathetic and probably would have a crush on JT Austin if she were a few years younger and less burdened by her past. So we’ve established that there’s not much difference between Gelt and human. Right?

OK, now we need to show why the humans should consider them bad people. So I have my captive character witness an enslaved human female executed for disobedience. Pretty horrific. Low-key in an HBO, Battlestar Galactica reboot kinda way, but still horrifying to watch. If, as you read Before Amargosa and the forthcoming Tishla and wonder why Tishla wants to kill Laral Umish, you find out why here.

Fortunately, I’m in the home stretch. Lucius Kray is back, if only lurking nearby. Suicide is showing distrust of her former war criminals among the team. JT is pretty much in charge of the Gelt woman in their custody. And Davra is learning more about the Gelt than any human girl would ever want to know. If all goes well, writing will make me late for work a couple days this week.

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