Warped: Why Warp Drive?

WarpedBuy NowThe premise of Warped is that warp drive has been resurrected after four centuries of wormhole travel. Wormholes, in most of their fictional versions, allow a ship to travel across vast interstellar distances almost instantly. So why would we want to revert to warp drive, where you have to actually traverse interstellar space in hours, maybe days?

I went with wormholes because the warp drive motif was pretty much owned by Star Trek and Star Wars. The Enterprise went faster when Scotty or Geordi made the big blue column of light throb a little faster. And if the hyperdrive broke, well it wasn’t Han or Chewie’s fault.

But the way wormholes operate in the Compact Universe make them a bit noisy. A wormhole opens and puts out a lot of radiation, both visible light and otherwise. If a ship emerges from a wormhole into combat, an enemy can see them coming and prepare. The way the Compact Universe version of the Alcubierre drive works, all the radiation on the leading edge of the warp bubble is dissipated. A ship can come out of warp really close to a planet and be gone before anyone knows they’re there.

I’ve taken a few liberties with Miguel Alcubierre’s theories, but even my altered version of physics has its rules. As settings move farther into the future with technology becoming more and more “magical” (something Arthur C. Clarke took as a given), consistent rules are necessary to keep it realistic. So warp drives work a certain way in the Compact Universe. By the time it becomes invalidated by real technology, we’ll all be dead anyway.

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