Warped Is Here!

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Warped is the latest novella in the Compact Universe series. Hideki Okada and Peter Lancaster are the Navy’s nerds in charge of warp drive, that ancient theory of faster-than-light travel put aside when wormhole travel became perfected. And now the Navy wants them to make it combat ready.

Only the Navy wants them to carry weapons of mass destruction to the Gelt, humanity’s new enemy. And they have to carry this mission out under the watchful eye of Cybercommand, the shadowy fourth branch of the Compact military.

Only the mission is to rain destruction down on an unsuspecting civilian population, something Okada and Lancaster believe goes against humanity’s morals and ethics. They have friends, however, in two rengade admirals and a Cybercommand operative who questions her own superiors.

They may carry out their mission, but Okada and Lancaster just might have to commit treason in the process.

Warped is a raccous, funny take on the war beyond the events of The Children of Amargosa.

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