This Is Where The Fun Begins

writing in a coffee shopLast week, I lamented I was entering Act II, that long slog every writer dreads.

This week, I’m deep into it. And it’s hard to pull away from the keyboard. One morning, I wrote 700 words before work and still got to work early. That hasn’t happened in a while. But while Act II can, in fact, be a slog, Act I is setup. A reader will find it interesting, but a writer is busy trying to get to the good stuff: Killing characters and blowing stuff up.

This week, I’ve taken a major character out of the action. I’ve laid some eggs for Amargosa 3 and for later in this story. And I’ve finally brought my meddling kids into conflict with the Gelt. Mind you, it’s a settler armed only with a shock pistol in the middle of the night. And Gelt sleep in the nude. One of my protags is scarred from the sight.

This week, I should be well into ‘splosions ‘n stuff. Yea.

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