MarketingSince I first released The First One’s Free, since rolled into Before Amargosa, I’ve focused almost entirely on producing new material. I’ve spent very little on marketing. Why?

Well, I was busy with life. But I also did not have much to market. And I tried an idea The First One’s Free was poorly suited for: Serialization.

Well, by the end of the year, there will be four Compact Universe novellas and The Children of Amargosa, five books in all, with a sixth, Tishla, to be released early next year. So what do I need to do?

  • Guest posting – I need to guest post. And I need to let other authors guest post. Blogs have small audiences anymore, especially this one. Guest posting cross-pollinates traffic. In fact, tomorrow, Jenn Nixon will drop by to talk about the latest book in her Mind series. I will need to do the same for Warped and especially Amargosa: Second Wave.
  • Free – Free has lost some of its power as a funnel, but it’s still an effective hook. I need a free story that focuses on JT, Davra, and the others as they are core to the Amargosa Trilogy. The rest of the Compact Universe is too scattershot, different characters in each novella. Still, I also have plans to go further back than “The First One’s Free” in Before Amargosa and tell what happened on Barsoom. It’s a Mark Watney-type story called “No Marigolds in the Promised Land.”
  • Promotion – I don’t talk about my work enough in social media. I don’t mean making every other post or tweet about whatever book I’m pimping. I do mean talking about it just the same. This has to be done properly, though. Too little, and your books just lie there. Too much, and you’re one of those pathetic writers whose every utterance is a sales pitch.
  • Conventions – When you talk to someone in person about your work, it really draws them in. So yes, you have to develop some social skills and, no, being an introvert does not get you out of this. I will be attending my second con this year, at which a few familiar faces will be present.
  • Advertising – This can become a money pit if not done properly. Facebook ads are cheap, but you need 30,000 views to get 300. It’s something I can’t ignore, but something I can’t overdo, either. The goal is to start turning a profit.
  • 100 readers – The Long Tail Theory says you need to find 1000 people who will buy everything you do. Not too long ago, someone suggested that would not be possible until you recruit a core of 100 fans. Those, of course, are the hardest 100, but once you have them, it becomes easier to build an audience up.


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