Amargosa 2: Electric Boogaloo

Hemingway writing13,000 words in as of Sunday. I’ve had three of my meddling kids set out on the road dodging Gelt air patrols and getting attacked by lycanths. For those of you who haven’t read Gimme Shelter and The Children of Amargosa, lycanths are wolf-like creatures that sometimes stand on their hindlegs. In Children, JT Austin gets into a fist fight with one of them. Well, he throws his fists, which utterly confuses the lycanth in question. These lycanths, however, are acting very strange.

They’ve also run into Tyler Wat, the war criminal from the Polygamy Wars who has found himself part of the resistance. His presence angers JT, whose father fought in the wars. Those with Wat creep out Davra and Ellie Nardino. And it’s certain they get on Suicide’s nerves.

And Suicide drops the first F bomb in the Compact Universe, leveled at JT, who gets full of himself. It’s a skill he excels at, and Suicide’s seemingly infinite patience snaps.

The outline is holding up rather well. I was afraid it would veer off suddenly, making it hard to get my fellowship broken up. Nope. Not yet. Maybe near the end.

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