Running – Denied Again!

runner on stretcherMy half marathon career may be over. Maybe. Not sure yet.

It’s my knee. Not the one that has chronic ligament strain. That one actually feels better now. I may try running on it without the brace, first time in over a year.

It’s the other knee. It started at work last week. We have what’s called a standup meeting where we ‘splain ourselves and what we’re doing in IT. During the meeting, my right knee buckled. And popped. Loudly. I almost went down. The pain shook off easily enough, and I was fine. My boss, the veteran Flying Pig runner, looked a bit concerned. I said I probably strained it running the hill near my house on Sunday. The next day, I had off to take care of my rental property and was standing in line at Walmart to pick up some hardware. While waiting for the lady in front of me to cash out, my knee did it again. The lady looked at me, bewildered, and said, “Knee buckle?”

It did. And it still hurt when I got back to the house, where I had to climb the stairs and drag out a bunch of trash cans. The rain did not help. It became obvious I did something to the knee. Maybe not as serious as the chronic ligament strain in my left knee, but bad enough to make me stop running.

I am disappointed. And relieved. I’m getting time back that I lost to long workouts. But I’m losing the long workouts. I’ll be hiking for the next month or so to see how the knee holds up. But if I’m done as a runner, I’ll go back to hiking. It literally saved my life once, and I kind of miss it.

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