Amargosa 2: It Has Begun

Painting of woman writing in the nudeBy setting a scene quota each day, I was able to complete the chapter outline for Amargosa: Second Wave (quite possibly not the final title, but it will work for now.) I even sent the final line of dialog to Stacy Robinson, who will most likely edit the second or third draft of this next year.

Which means…

Sunday morning, I plugged in my mic, fired up Dragon and Microsoft Word, and started writing. Chapter 1 is in the can, folks. Hopefully, by the time you read this, I’ll have cranked out 2000 more words, maybe more. Once I hit my groove with Dragon, I’m good. I just have to remember to let Dragon be Dragon and come back to it later. Some of this, however, is training my Dragon. I’ve got a story set 500 years into the future with strange names. Fortunately, it likes “Gelt,” the tongue-to-navel copulating aliens from Before Amargosa. However, it capitalizes “colonial,” probably because I made Dragon glom all the Compact Universe novellas and The Children of Amargosa before starting this round of writing. There “Colonial” usually refers to the government of Amargosa, though there are references to “colonial transports,” where the word is generic, not specific.

Because I write first thing before work, I now have no excuse to put off revisions on Warped. In fact, I need to have it ready to go in late November. Which means I need betas, reviewers, and a red pen. Revisions are a lunchtime/evening effort. Writing that first draft is a morning exercise, to be done when my brain is still fresh and unhindered by the vagueries SQL code, C#, and whatever the marketing department told our clients we can do that is beyond the collective skillset of our software developers. (Yeah, I’m gonna need to go ahead and get another cup of coffee. That’d be great.)

I’m having fun now, but that’s because Amargosa: Second Wave has that new project smell. Wait’ll it has that second act stench reminiscent of a catalytic converter going bad. Then this weekly post will get all whiny.

It’s what we writers do.

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    I’ve tried to write first thing in the morning. I don’t believe that this is when my mind is at its best. I think I do better following the long drive home after work. Driving is when I get my best ideas anyway.

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