Broken Skies Debuts

Broken SkiesBeginning on the day The Children of Amargosa ends, Broken Skies starts with the doomed attempt to retake Amargosa from the Gelt. Led by Admiral Quentin Austin, JT’s father, they find those occupying the planet are better prepared than expected. Austin finds himself blamed for the loss of life, but is given a chance at redemption.

Before Amargosa and two other colonies “went dark,” a mysterious company called Juno sent a representative to attempt to sell GMO crops. No one seems to know much about Juno, and Austin is tasked with finding out. His quest takes him from a frozen island off Antarctica to the ultra-modern Caliphate to the industrial hellscape of Bromdar and to the edge of the Compact itself. Yet someone does not want Austin to know the truth. And they’re willing to commit murder to protect Juno’s secret.

Broken Skies is now available from Amazon.

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