Troublemaker by Leah Remini

Troublemaker by Leah ReminiThe first thing Leah Remini tells you in her autobiography is that she is an asshole. It’s part of her job description, that being an actress. She then admits to several things that, if kept secret, would make for great blackmail fodder. So why does she paint herself in such an unflattering light?

Because she then proceeds to rip on the Church of Scientology for the rest of the book. Well, most of it. There are tales of her growing up in Brooklyn, her first attempts to get acting gigs, and some rather touching moments about her time on King of Queens. She had a good relationship with costar Kevin James and reveals that Jerry Stiller just does not realize what a funny guy he is even when the cameras are not rolling.

But Remini was a true believer for most of her life in Scientology. Her starring role on King of Queens and close friendship with Jennifer Lopez brought her into the Church’s inner circle. What she saw in the circus surrounding Tom Cruise and what she was taught from her earliest days in Scientology did not jibe. Eventually, like Jenna Miscavige Hill before her, Remini walked out and took her family with her. The difference between Hill, who detailed her own life in Beyond Belief, and Remini is that Remini was a public Scientologist, not a member of any of the organizations that surround Church leadership, and also something of, as she admits, a troublemaker.

And now she is refusing to be silent. Or, as the Church pettily says when someone ditches them, she’s being a suppressive person.

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