Another Novella In The Can

edited manuscript

Joanna Penn via Creative Commons

Last week, I finished the rough draft of Quantonesia, one of three novellas I’d planned to write this year to be companion pieces to the Amargosa Trilogy. And I do mean rough draft. Most writers usually have a bit of remorse after finishing the first draft of a work. But this really is an incoherent mess. But that’s all right. There’s a lot of exposition and “as you know Bob” scenes that tell me what I want to say in the final version.

Now I have to let it lay fallow. In fact, since this novella isn’t slated to be released until after Amargosa: Second Wave, it’s going to sit up in the cloud for a bit. Second Wave is going to determine how much has to be revealed in this story. Plus, before I let Miss Stacy have at with it, I want Book III outlined. That, too, will determine how Quantonesia should look in its final form, not to mention what the other two novellas will be about between books II and III.

But Second Wave is far from being ready. So what will I be doing?

  • Revising Broken Skies. I had intended a July release date, but the beauty of independent publishing is that one does not need a set schedule. It’ll be out when it’s out.
  • Revising Warped. The second novella to bridge the gap between The Children of Amargosa and Second Wave needs work as well.
  • Outlining Second Wave. Once the outline is ready, I’ll dive into the first draft. But until then, I need to keep the writing muscles limber. To that end…
  • Writing for the sake of writing. Over a period of four years, I wrote the “autobiography” of a rock musician inspired by those I’d listened to on audio. Well, that’s done, and that 358,000-word behemoth will never see the light of day. It’s for my own amusement. And that’s what I’ll be writing when I’m not writing for market – stuff to amuse myself. And who knows? One of my old fanfic efforts has already been stripped for parts for a future Compact Universe effort. Maybe this will happen here, too.

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