Coming Soon… And Going Away

Before AmargosaChanges are afoot in the Compact Universe.

Soon, I will be releasing Before Amargosa, which is the two storylines of The First One’s Free split up into “The Magic Root” and “The Marilynists.” The last part will be Gimme Shelter, which is not going away. Gimme Shelter will still be around, but it will be the taste, the sample, that first sliver of The Children of Amargosa to get people on board.

“But wait. What’s happening with The First One’s Free?

It’s going away. Based on reader feedback, it seems logical to divide the stories back into the original two. “The Marilynists” will need some work as parts of Tishla’s story will no longer be there to move the plot along.

Before Amargosa will be out in July just ahead of the new post-Children novella, Broken Skies.

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