The Launch Party Post-Mortem

The Children of AmargosaI did my first launch party a week ago. Did it result in thowzandz of book sales and allow me to quit my day job?

Well, no. It did, however, give me ideas on how to proceed going forward and where to go next.

What did I learn?

  • Pays to pay it forward. Dawn Chapman, a fellow traveler on this journey, was running an event for another author and gave me a shoutout. I had scheduled mine kind of last second, which put mine at the same time as hers. Since this was online, I told people it was like a rock festival, and that Dawn was playing Florence + the Machine to my Foo Fighters, so feel free to wander over to her stage and check out the set. Dawn returned the favor, as did several of her guests who showed up.
  • It got a few people interested, including a couple of reviewers.
  • I improvised this one. Next time, I need to plan. There were a lot of things in flux. I’ve never done a launch party before, and a few writers had voiced disappointments in their recent attempts. It’s not a one-time thing. The first one always comes off a bit flat. The more you do, the better you plan, the bigger the buzz you generate.
  • YouTube: The iPhone is not the most ideal medium for that. I suppose I could use my Mac to record as its cam points at my SF bookshelf. Also, I need to know what I’m going to say before I say it.
  • Guests: Dawn had guests on hers, but Dawn’s a little more established. I’m still trying to get people to pay attention. But I have blurbs now. And reviewers are looking. I just need to keep working the plan.

I’ll definitely do a party for Book II. Hopefully the novellas and The Children of Amargosa will build that critical mass. We’ll see.

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