Dictation – Stalled

cylinder dictation machineI just started revisions on Broken Skies recently. The unavoidable errors Dragon generates were glaring but not hard to fix. But I haven’t used Dragon in about three weeks. Some of it has to do with the windows being open. I’m sure the neighbors don’t want to listen to me trying to convince Dragon that words like “Gelt” and “hypergate” are real.

I suppose I need to get back into it. I probably should have dictated this blog post. But I blog while watching TV, so that’s not going to work. I’ve got back seasons of Game of Thrones to binge.

I bought an old copy of Dragon thinking it would let me produce really high word counts. I think that could still happen, but it hasn’t worked out. Some of it is retraining my mindset to handle speaking my words. Some of it is that we speak faster than we think. Monica Leonelle, a big proponent of dictation, regularly talks about doing 10,000 words a day, but Monica also plans her scenes down to the paragraph before writing. I tried baking my outlines into Scrivener and have discovered that scenes need to be rearranged or dropped or added. Dictation has been just one more layer of difficulty.

A few authors have talked about it taking two or three attempts before they’re comfortable with dictation. It may the the case for me. I may also need to upgrade to the most current version, which right now isn’t in the budget. The experiment is not over yet. It’s just dormant while I figure out where to go next.

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