The Post Pig Plan

TS at the Flying Pig finishWell, the Pig is done. Even though I did the half marathon, I enjoyed it. Well, except flaming out on Gilbert Avenue’s horrendous hill. I recovered from the race rather quickly, not really needing to ice. However, stretching is part of my morning routine, and it really does help.

But I have a 10K in about 2 months and the Loveland Half Marathon in October. And yes, I plan to tackle the Pig’s half marathon event next year. So what’s the plan? Well, I spent last week doing…


Well, I took a couple of short walks on Wednesday and Thursday and a longer walk on Saturday. So what’s the plan now?

  • Ease back into it. Elliptical bike and hiking for two weeks, followed by two weeks of short, easy runs.
  • Diet: Training was a factor in my disappointing performance, but so was diet. After my injuries, I didn’t adjust and gained 10 pounds. That sort of defeats the purpose of this endeavor, to get healthier. So more fruit, less chips and junk food.
  • Running group: I’ve joined a running group and will start working out with the in June. They run on Saturday mornings. Long workouts are my routine for Saturday from here on out.
  • Hills: Leading up to Loveland in the fall, I will be running a loop here in Reading that covers a large hill. A couple laps two or three times a month should get me to where I can handle hills without too much trauma. (Notice I didn’t say pain. You run thirteen miles and tell me you don’t hurt.) After Loveland, I will make it a point to tackle Gilbert Avenue and Eden Park at least once a month.
  • More treadmill work: I do concrete a lot, and that may have contributed my knee injury both last fall and in April.
  • Bike ride: And I still intend to do my 87-mile ride (both ways) from Newport, KY to Springfield. I’d intended to do it this week, but jury duty and some business issues kept me off the road.

No more eating like a teenager. And no more trying to do this on my own. When you run in a group, you suddenly have to be accountable for the goals you set.

And I intend to run Loveland in under 3 hours next fall.

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