Man Plans And God Laughs

I am by nature a planner. As easily distracted as I am, I’m lost without a to-do list. That said, as much as I try to plan out my life, life is under no obligation to check the schedule. It cares not that Friday is laundry night and that the Flying Pig Marathon is in less than a week. It doesn’t care that Game of Thrones debuted this past weekend. You may plan. And life will bluntly say to you, “You know nothing, Jon Snow!”

I had planned to run the full Flying Pig. It was at a set time for me, and I alotted four months to train for it. Then I strained my knee, followed by a calf muscle while recovering. Once past that, I was ready to jump back into it, only to bruise a rib. Well, I could sacrifice other plans for another try or accept that the time past.

So what do we do we do when something blindsides us? Divorce. Business problems. Illness or injury. Me personally, I adjust. I have to. Whenever I allowed disappointment or uncertainty to paralyze me, failure inevitably followed. Not just failure at the original goal, but other goals fell by the wayside.

Last summer, when I was out of work, I realized that everything else I wanted to accomplish did not need to wait. I still wrote. I still trained for my first half marathon. I still built up my technical skills. All these things paid off.

And when plans fail, the best thing to do is to plan something else.

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  1. April 26, 2016 - 12:51 pm | Permalink

    This is why I never announce a firm release date on a project until said project is finished and very close to ready to go. Every time I have announced, it’s like I issued an invitation to illness, fatigue, family health issues, or any number of things to scuttle said plans. Sometimes the goals just need to be changed. Good luck with yours!

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