The Proofing Pass

The Children of AmargosaI had The Children of Amargosa professionally edited. It needed some developmental work, in addition to a line edit. At the end, Stacy Robinson did a proofread pass, much of which had to do with the corrections I made in the previous passes. All made the story stronger. So what did I do when I finished?

One more proofing pass.

You can have the best editors, copy editors, and proofreaders do your work, and mistakes will still get through. Stacy’s work on The Children of Amargosa was some of the most thorough I’ve had done to date, and she took a little extra time on the final pass. So I did one last pass because not everything gets caught. (If you need an editor, I highly recommend you contact Stacy. She’s very flexible, her rates are reasonable, and she’s a joy to work with.)

I’ve read quite a few traditionally published novels. You can tell which books didn’t get the budget or which imprint is cutting costs by the number of typos you find. And often these are well-known authors. Sad, really, because one of the digs on indie pub is the quality of covers and editing. So when a Random House imprint drops the ball, it hurts everyone’s credibility.

And finally, doing that final proofing pass yourself is taking responsibility for your own work. It’s your name going on the book. And besides, your editor was so busy fixing your whoppers that the little errors get through. And yes, they are your errors. Fix them.

You owe the reader.

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