What’s New And Exciting?

Well, this stuff. The revised schedule for yours truly this year.

April – The Children of Amargosa. The novel that spawned the Compact Universe will finally arrive next month. JT Austin picks up seconds after the events of Gimme Shelter, and not only that, a girl named Davra Andraste literally falls to Amargosa and into the coming invasion. The two survive wild animals, alien heat rays, and an atomic blast before meeting up to help start the resistance. Children is currently in edit right now. When it’s in line edit, I will start issuing ARCs for reviews and blubs.

May – Northcoast Shakedown. Winter is coming (back.) As in Jim Winter. And he’s bringing the entire Kepler series with him. The paperbacks will be reformatted and the entire series rereleased along with Road Rules and The Compleat Winter. Look for a fresh edition of Northcoast Shakedown (keeping Ken Bruen’s excellent intro) in May.

June – Before Amargosa. For those of you who thought the original novellas were too short, I’m combining The First One’s Free and Gimme Shelter into a single volume called Before Amargosa. For those of you who get hooked by Children, this will be an excellent appetizer to hold you over until the next Compact Universe novella arrives in July.

Second Hand Goods – The second Nick Kepler novel to be rereleased. Nick wants to go on vacation, but a sexy Russian girl has other ideas. Soon, he’s caught between two feuding mobsters, all while dealing with a pal’s early midlife crisis and the realization that Elaine is more than just his married partner.

July – Broken Skies – Admiral Quentin Austin, JT’s father, leads an expedition to retake Amargosa that fails badly. Suspended pending a court-martial, he’s assigned to look into the mysterious JunoCorp. From Antarctica to The Caliphate to the heavily industrialized Bromdar, Austin finds more and more resistance as he gets closer to a company that might just be connected to the last person he suspects: His own domestic partner, Tessa Dasarius.

The Compleat Kepler – 13 tales of crime from America’s Northcoast. Nick Kepler’s career evolves on the mean streets of Cleveland as he helps an abused childhood friend clean up “a problem,” chases a fugitive into an airport on the morning of 9/11, gets help from a naked witch, and chases a degenerate gambler all over creation.

August – Bad Religion – The third full Nick Kepler novel, this time with Nick and Elaine investigating the doings at a suburban church whose pastor wants to be the Next Great Televangelist. And the bad guys aren’t quite who anyone suspected.

September – Gypsy’s Kiss – The last Nick Kepler story, a novella, goes wide in September. Nick helps Gypsy, a call girl who once took a bullet for him, exit the sex trade despite one person’s violent attempts to stop her. Meanwhile, Nick and Elaine try to save the business now that they’re free of their former employers at the insurance company. It’s not easy.

October – Warped – On the heels of Broken Skies, Hideki Okada and Peter Lancaster are the captain and chief engineer of humanity’s first warp drive ship. Only they resign when the program’s canceled. Too bad the Gelt have started seizing Compact colonies. Okada and Lancaster find themselves drafted to handle the Navy’s first warp-driven warship, a vessel that won’t be detected when it arrives in enemy territory. Only Lancaster says it’s useless without faster-than-light communications and sensors. He may be right, but the Navy may be also.

The Compleat Winter – 22 tales of crime from the dark side, by yours truly as Jim Winter, including a trilogy about a Bay Area ex-con who can’t seem to get away from his old life to what happened the night Frank Sinatra, Jr. was kidnapped to what really happened in Poe’s A Cask of Amontillado.

November – The Kepler Omnibus – If you want all your Nick Kepler in one volume, or you’re just cheap, this is for you: All four major Kepler stories in one place.

December – Road Rules – The first standalone I wrote as Jim Winter. The road trip to hell starts in with a stolen car. Two hapless guys take a collectible Caddie from Cleveland to Florida to a collector. Only there’s a holy relic in the trunk. And everyone’s looking for it: The police, the FBI, the Church, and a pious (if coked up and hypersexed) Cuban drug lord, and a truckstop hooker named Cinnamon. It all ends up in a clash on a sleepy Sunday morning in Savannah, Georgia. It’s high noon in the Garden of Good and Evil.

January – Tishla – The heroine of The First One’s Free returns. She finds herself trying to knit the abandoned Gelt and surviving humans on the former Gilead into a new colony. Only someone wants her unborn children dead. Never mind avenging her lover Kai. When her children are threatened, someone will find out why Gelt call their children “cubs” and what a mother’s wrath is like when backed by the weapons of two species.

Untitled Jim Winter collection – More short stories from me as Jim Winter.

February – Holland Bay – Monticello, Ohio: A dying steel town struggling for a comeback. A young corner boy and a disgraced former homicide cop search for redemption on both sides of the law. It’s 87th Precinct meets The Wire set on the North Coast, but not quite in Cleveland.

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    Ambitious schedule – good luck! And I mean that. Every time I try to do any kind of production schedule, something happens to mess it all up. So here’s hoping that doesn’t happen to you. Oh, and please put me down for an ARC of Children!

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