Streaming Vs. Cable

It’s been about three months since I unplugged. Do I miss cable?

Not really, especially since I discovered that most of my bill for the past 25 years has been ESPN. Yeah, thanks. Since Monday Night Football runs on a local station when that city’s team plays, who needs it? I pay $13 a month for a digital converter box to get the local stations, and that’s it.

I do miss Palladia. I miss History, but I’ve missed History since they stopped doing history and started talking about aliens. I don’t miss the almost $200 a month bill.

So I’ve started streaming. I divide my time between Pandora and Hulu with a little bit of Amazon Prime thrown in for good measure. Netflix? I may be ditching it soon unless I get into House of Cards. The problem is I have damned little time to watch TV, and most of what I do watch is on Hulu. But it’s hard to part company with Netflix. Like Hulu, it’s less than $8 a month for one device.

But Netflix will have to give way soon to HBO Now. Game of Thrones is coming.

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  1. March 2, 2016 - 3:49 pm | Permalink

    I never had cable until I started dating DH. He’s still the reason I have it, as I watch maybe two hours of TV a week.

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