Gimme Shelter and The First One’s Free In Print!

The First One's Free and Gimme Shelter in hard copyTook me a while, but The First One’s Free and Gimme Shelter are now in hard copy!

The First One’s Free – Kai is the governor of a prison planet with a food shortage. Douglas Best is a minister on a backwater world that finally is getting its own colonies. Both men are offered a chance to save their people by a strange man who seems to know more than he’s letting on. For Kai, it could mean the loss of his closest confidant and concubine, Tishla. For Best, it means prison time when seven nukes go missing. Kai sends Tishla to freedom in a bid to save her. Best’s only hope is a cult to Marilyn Monroe.

Gimme Shelter – JT Austin has gone too far. His parents decide to send him to military school. JT has other plans, but somehow he ends up on the remote farming colony of Amargosa, where he’s in the custody of a local constable and his daughter, who thinks she has her very own Earth man for a pet. He also ends up under the suspicion of a would-be warlord who believes Amargosa is about to be overrun by aliens. Little do either of them know that the invasion is real. And it’s closer than anyone suspects.

Gimme Shelter can use some love. So I’m giving away 20 ebook copies (Those in my personal print stash are almost gone at this point) in exchange for an honest review on the bookseller site of your choice. (Amazon would help make those algorithms click, buzz, and whir in my favor, but Apple and Kobo would like some love, too.) Hit the contact page and send me a message if you’re interested. If you like it, I’ll give you a sneak preview of the forthcoming The Children of Amargosa when it’s ready.

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