The First One’s Free Has Gone Wide… And Gimme Shelter Is Next

The First One's FreeBy the time you read this, The First One’s Free will be available on Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and Kobo in addition to Amazon. All Draft2Digital channels will offer it for free with Amazon and Kobo theoretically catching up. But, if you must have it now or feel the need to fatten my wallet (I’ll reluctantly take your money for it), Amazon and Kobo currently have it for $3.99. Hurry! Before the savings begin!

In February, the print edition will become available. I started on this back in the fall, but that fell to the wayside, particularly when the formatting did not work out as proposed. I’ll be working on that this week and have it just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Because that’s the most romantic gift of all: A tale that includes a cult to Marilyn Monroe and alien sex using a somewhat altered anatomy.

But not to be outdone…

Gimme ShelterGimme Shelter goes wide next month!

It, too, will be getting a spiffy new cover and a print edition. The tale of a runaway son of a wealthy heiress and of a wannabe warlord, Gimme Shelter not only takes us to a distant world that is both familiar and alien, but it puts the inhabitants in the crosshairs of a enemy they don’t even know exists.

All this leads up to The Children of Amargosa. What happens when your childhood ends abruptly and you’re forced to take up arms? Worse, what if, during an alien invasion, your biggest enemy is human? JT, Lizzy, and some new additions find out. The Children of Amargosa debuts in March.

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