Friday Flashback: Barbarella

1968 brought us 2001 and Planet of the Apes. It also brought us Barbarella. It begins, as all good space opera should, with a twenty-something Jane Fonda stripping out of her space suit and bouncing around the cabin of her spaceship, which is fur-lined. So we begin with a very young and very naked Jane Fonda rolling around in fur.

The rest could be described as part acid trip, part Forbidden Planet set inside a lava lamp. And the plot? What plot? Oh, very well. Jane’s off to find a missing scientist named Duran Duran, whom we now know was named after a ancient synthesizer band. (Strange. I thought the band was named after a character in a… Oh, never mind!) In it, Jane has a lot of sex, smokes a man, destroys an execution device when it gives her an intense orgasm, and is nearly eaten several times, which suggests some disturbing things about the writers’ fetishes.

The late 1960s were strange, man, like really heavy.

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