The Compact Universe Schedule

Here’s the publication schedule for the upcoming Compact Universe books.

January, 2016: The First One’s Free will go wide. That’s right Kobo and Apple fans. You’ll be able to get The First One’s Free without Kindle. Gimme Shelter will go wide in February.

March, 2016: Tishla – Find out what happens to Tishla after the events of The First One’s Free

March, 2016: Print editions of The First One’s FreeGimme Shelter, and Tishla.

May, 2016: Before Amargosa – Get the first three novellas in one volume. The omnibus will be available in all formats including print.

June, 2016: The Children of Amargosa – The novel that spawned this series. Amargosa is a distant agrarian colony best described as quiet. It’s anything but when an alien race decides it wants the world for its own purposes. Five teens find themselves part of the resistance and discover that not all their enemies are alien.

September, 2016: Broken Skies – Admiral Quentin Austin loses half his ships trying to retake Amargosa. While on administrative leave, he finds himself on the trail of the mysterious JunoCorp, whose contact with three colonies preceded them going silent, including Amargosa.

January, 2017: Warped – Humanity cracks the secret of warp drive, only four centuries after the Alcubierr drive. Now the Compact wants to weaponize it. (What else is new?)

April, 2017: Quantonesia – Douglas Best returns as Jefivah’s delegate to the Compact. And with him is the mysterious Mr. Luxhomme, now calling himself Leitman. And Leitman’s got a secret people are dying to tell. Literally.

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