Gimme Shelter: Lizzy

Gimme Shelter coverSo Gimme Shelter has a reluctant hero in JT Austin, a battle-hardened veteran in Lucius Kray. These are common in science fiction, especially space opera. What you don’t generally see is the farmer’s daughter.

Enter Lizzy Parker.

When we meet her, she’s enamored with this strange visitor from another planet. The other planet is Earth, and the strange visitor is JT.

It’s only natural a teenage girl would be fascinated by a boy from Earth. Earth is both the capital of the Compact and looked down on as a backward world. (As we see in The First One’s Free, it’s not quite as bad as people think.) Plus, Lizzy lives in the interstellar equivalent of the rural Midwest. It’s relatively isolated. The cities are small and far apart. There’s not a lot to do or anywhere to go.

Far from being a damsel in distress, Lizzy knows what she wants. She wants her Earth man, and she will not be denied. That’s good for JT, since he’s in over his head.

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