Running: The Race Is Getting Close

Men running on beach

By National Library NZ on The Commons

It’s just over two weeks to the Loveland Half Marathon. Already, I’m able to do the ten-mile workouts with little trouble as long as I rest up the next day. This weekend, I run the race route. Next weekend, I get an “easy” 6-mile run.

This past week, I had a minor setback. There’s a five-mile loop that goes out to the nearby Kenwood Towne Center here in Cincinnati. The loop starts at my front door and is five miles in length, six if I go around the mall and up into the nearby suburb of Blue Ash. I use the five-mile loop to get ten miles in, then combine a couple of regular routes I use on shorter runs to add 1-4 miles depending on what I need.

This weekend, as I came up the hill at the end of my second lap past the mall, my knee decided I was done. If I kept going, I’d have made it a couple more blocks before having to limp home. I could blame a lot of things, but the biggest culprit is rest. Sunday was Juanita’s birthday, and we celebrated Saturday night. I went to bed late with a belly full of smores and margaritas.

When you do the long workouts, you can’t skimp on hydration, pre-run carbs, or rest. I slept later than I wanted, had too much alcohol before going to bed (and only a couple of drinks, but enough to mess up your metabolism), and didn’t have anything like spaghetti or potatoes the night before. And I ran on an empty stomach.

I still got ten miles in. And next week, I have to finish the route. It’s not near my house. Next week is dress rehearsal.

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