Running Again

Track runnerBy the time you read this, I’ll have had my first 11 mile run in since…

I ran 12 miles once when I was 17. And I wasn’t ready for it yet.

But for the last few weeks, I’ve been adding a mile to my long Sunday workouts. The hardest part is staying hydrated and keeping my blood sugar up. Plus the 10-mile run a couple of Sundays ago took place on one of the hottest days of the summer. I started around 8 AM, but the heat still played a part.

My usual running trail is a five-mile trail around Lunken Airport on Cincinnati’s east side, sometimes using a connector trail to a nearby park. It’s a popular trail, and as early as 7:30 in the morning, there are a lot of runners out there.

I discovered something interesting. When middle-aged men pass each other on the trail, they encourage each other. I even passed an old manager of mine. I only passed him once, so he wasn’t trying to do 10 miles like me. But he was bigger than I remember, and grayer. Which means he was running for the same reasons as me.

This week’s run was a pair of routes I mapped out from my front door that add up to 11 miles. On the downside, I have to walk about a mile from the end. But running past the house lets me stash water on my front step. These long runs dehydrate one pretty easily. In a half marathon or a marathon, there are people with water every couple of miles.

This weekend is 12 miles. Next weekend will be my first 13 mile run. I may not have speed, but I will have the endurance for my first half marathon in just over a month.

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