The First One’s Free – Tishla

The First One's FreeWho she is and what she knows can stop a war.

Or start one.

Tishla begins the story as an indentured companion, a fancy word for “concubine,” owned by Kai, governor of Essenar. But Tishla is so much more to Kai: childhood friend, close advisor, resident brain. She agreed to become Kai’s property in return for her education in genetics.

Tishla’s intelligence and grace gives her a credibility Kai cannot give by simply telling everyone to respect her. His right hand Palak is taken with her, and the alien Marq seems a little intimidated by her as he tries to arrange an invasion of two “rogue” colonies.

But when Kai arranges for her status as a possession to be changed to that of nobility, Tishla springs into action. Abducted by these strange beings called “humans,” she soon learns that Marq has been lying to Kai and possibly gotten him killed. But even the suspicious humans are taken with her, and soon she has the freedom to go after Marq and to challenge the corrupt General Laral on his own turf.

My editor, Stacy Robinson, says that Tishla’s soul sister is Queen Dany from Game of Thrones, and Tishla certainly finds herself in a Westeros worthy web of intrigue. Once separated from Kai, she realizes that she must seize control of her own fate or be swept aside and possibly disposed of by less scrupulous players. By the time she returns to her native Realm, she realizes that Marq has set in motion events that could destroy both her people and the humans of the Compact.

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