Scrivener logoFor the last couple of years, many writers have been trying to get me to switch from writing in Word to using Scrivener. Only last week did I make the leap despite having bought four copies over the last few years.

I think the reason I’ve hesitated is simple. I’ve used Word for about fifteen years, using Works and Word Perfect before that. Prior to that, my ex-wife’s Canon word processor, which replaced my electric typewriter. So the paradigm of just writing out a long manuscript and reformatting it for whatever I needed at the time worked for me. Windows and Macs made that easy.

So am I a convert, never to look at Word again? No longer a luddite?

Oh, please. If you read this space with any regularity, you know I’m tech agnostic. Sure, I have an iPhone, but I’ll probably replace it with an Android device. That said…

Yes, it’s a great way to manage long work, building a book scene by scene, managing the front and back matter for publication, and keeping notes and research right in the project. Yes, I’ll settle into using this for everything from the current WIP forward. And yes, I am starting to get the “Why didn’t I do this before?” feeling. So why didn’t I?

Well, for starters, adherents oversell it. It’s like a movie or TV show everyone likes. It gets so hyped that you’re almost afraid you’ll be disappointed. Stop it. Let the app sell itself. Second, I read a couple of books on how to use it. They actually made it look harder than it is. Which leads me to my favorite way to learn a new technology.

Use it.

Scrivener is simple, and it lends itself to learning, its interface very intuitive. I have it loaded on all four of my computers, including my Mac (not my favorite machine for writing. More of a development box.) Import my beat sheet into the Research folder, and it becomes very easy to build a novel or a novella scene by scene, chapter by chapter.

Is Scrivener a necessity?

It’s a nice-to-have. A very nice-to-have.

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  1. athenagrayson's Gravatar athenagrayson
    September 2, 2015 - 11:49 am | Permalink

    We all learned to put up with whatever abuse Word heaped on us because hey, it was ubiquitous and we all had a Word, and The Word was Good (Enough). And we thought we liked it, but what we’d really done was prune off our parts that protested at not being able to do X without learning VisualBasic programming, or needing a thousand macros to do Y. We learned to Do Without (cue Depression-era music and black & white photos of sad families). We altered our behavior to placate our Overlord because why do we have to be so difficult and force Word to hurt us so?

    Then along comes Scrivener with its Feminist Ryan Gosling “Hey Girl” memes and you never felt so free. Scrivener has given you Possibilities.

    Is it the only thing out there that can do that? Of course not. You’re a writer, man–you barf up Possibilities more often than your cat horks up hairballs. But Scrivener makes it easier and a hell of a lot more fun.

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