Running Update

Bear chasing you. Now you're a runner.This past weekend, I did my first 8-mile run since…

I never did an eight-mile run. I did a twelve-mile run as a teen back when I regularly ran six miles a day. I paid for it the following week with a stiff knee. So we’re not moving straight to ten, twelve, or more miles just yet.

I located a trail system that accommodates my long runs nicely. There is a loop around Lunken Airport that is exactly 5 miles around. A half-mile spur into a nearby nature preserve lets me add a mile to the course. A connector beneath Beechmont Avenue to Armleder Park is a mile long, adding two miles round trip to the course. And Armleder itself has a two-mile loop. This is likely where I will be running until I reach thirteen miles in a few weeks.

The long runs sometimes include a little walking in the last mile or two. OK, a lot of walking. I try to do power walking when I get fatigued, but power walking, which is about as energetic as jogging. The plan I’m working is not about time. It’s about endurance. And because I will be able to do a 13-mile workout before running the Loveland Half Marathon in October, I should be able to make it through the race without having to walk a mile or two.

Famous last words, but half marathons for many are about finishing. But I expect to run the entire race. Why?

There’s still the Flying Pig next May.

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