Jim Winter

Jim Winter. Or is it TS HottleI’ve mentioned the name here a couple of times. For fifteen years, I wrote crime fiction under the name Jim Winter. When the last crime fiction novel I wrote under that name failed to land with an agent, I decided that was it. Fifteen years was enough. Time to stop flogging a dead horse. Jim Winter was never going to become the next Dennis Lehane or Lee Child. So I went back to science fiction and started writing under my own name.

For a time, I was going to work under both names and not really say anything about one or the other. “Me? Jim Winter? No, I have glasses. I’m not him.” Har har har.

Well, that didn’t work out, did it? Am I sorry I did that?

I’ll give you some of Jim’s backstory in a later post. It’s a cautionary tale for any new writer who gets a little big for his britches.

So will I write as Jim again? Probably not. I may continue some of his work. Holland Bay remains a novel I am very proud of, and I may, once I’m a little more established as myself, release that and continue the story of the city of Monticello. But if you’re curious, you can find Jim here.

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