Episode 2 Is Live!

The First One's Free: Episode 2The First One’s Free: Episode Two

“The Marilynists”

Douglas Best has a huge problem. Those nuclear weapons being removed from the planet now called Marilyn? Well, looks like they’ve gone missing along with the ship assigned to transport them. Since it happened on his watch, the Compact decides to arrest him. His only hope? Accept his unwanted status as a prophet to the Marilynists. And be remanded to the custody of their chief holy man, the Grand Dimaj.

Meanwhile, Kai’s potato experiment fails. Naturally, the alien Marq has a plan for that. Seems his people have two rogue colonies that are undefended. Why would they be defended? They’re rogue colonies. And with the help of General Laral, they’re Kai’s for the taking. What does Laral want? A piece of the reaction, a little real estate for himself…

And to buy Tishla from Kai.

Episode 2 can be had exclusively on Amazon starting today!

Episode 1: The Tuber is live and available as well.

Episode 3: The Caliphate is now available for pre-order.

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